How much money has the Bengals owner made in his career?


The Brown family has been about as synonymous with football in the state of Ohio as any name out there.

Paul Brown was Ohio State’s coach for several years and won a national championship, co-founded and coached the Browns — a team named after him — for 17 years to three NFL championships, and founded and coached the Bengals for eight years.

When he died in 1991, his son, Mike Brown, inherited ownership of the team and has remained the owner and team president ever since. He named the stadium after his dad — Paul Brown Stadium — in 2000, and has now overseen the team’s first trip to the Super Bowl since his father was the owner.

Unlike other owners, Mike Brown has not made money outside of running the NFL franchise he owns. How much money has that been?

Mike Brown net worth

ESPN reported that Brown, based on Forbes data from 2015, has a net worth of $925 million. It has been several years since the report so there could be some variance, however. That number, adjusted for inflation, would be about $1.09 billion.

According to a 2021 Forbes report, the Bengals, as a franchise, are valued at $2.275 billion, which is actually the second-lowest valuation of any NFL team. Back in 2015, they were valued at just $990 million. Needless to say, Brown’s net worth has likely climbed in the years since that last valuation.

By comparison, Rams’ owner Stan Kroenke, the owner of Kroenke Sports and Entertainment, has a net worth of $10.7 billion, per Forbes.

Bengals front office

Brown has not only been the team’s owner, but the team’s de facto general manager since taking over the team in 1991.

Brown’s hands-on approach with the team has led to one of the smallest front office staffs in the NFL. According to The Athletic, it has the smallest personnel department in the NFL with only eight people in the department and just six fully entrenched scouts. By comparison, the Rams have 26 people in the player personnel department and the league average is 21.

The executive staff consists of Katie Blackburn, Brown’s daughter; Troy Blackburn, Brown’s son-in-law; and Paul Brown, Brown’s son. Katie Blackburn is the executive vice president, Troy Blackburn is a vice president, and Paul Brown is the vice president of player personnel.

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